Jewish Disabilities Advocates in Denver, CO

Jewish Disabilities Advocates of Denver (JDA) provides services and coordinates resources to promote full participation of Jewish people with disabilities in the Jewish community and the community at-large. Jewish Disabilities Advocates works closely with local Jewish communal agencies in Denver to promote disability inclusion and address the needs of Jewish people with disabilities as well as their families. Disabilities shouldn't have to be the end-all-be-all for a happy, fruitful life, and that what the disability advocates at SHALOM Denver do through our programs.

Providing Denver With Disability Inclusion Services

At SHALOM Denver, we know that to really achieve the goals that we have for disability inclusion in Denver, our disability rights advocates need to be able to provide our participants with a wide variety of quality services. Our quality disability services include information and referral, advocacy and education, case management, support groups, and social and recreational programs.

Disability Rights Advocates Making Denver a Better Place

The Jewish Disabilities Advocates’ Inclusion Committee was created to raise awareness and accommodation of people with disabilities within the Jewish community, agencies, and institutions through education, mentoring, and advisement. One of the outcomes has been the development of disability inclusion programs at local religious institutions to ensure that all people are accommodated. The disability rights advocates that makeup SHALOM Denver want to make the city the best place it can be, and we can do that by helping people find the disability inclusion programs that they need to live their best lives.

Established Disability Advocates Serving Denver

The disability advocates at SHALOM Denver have done their part to make the city a better place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live. This is something that we have done for over 60 years and something that we are extremely proud to continue doing. We want people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities live the best lives that they possibly can, and we have a team of disability advocates that share the same goal.

Reach Out to SHALOM Denver Today
If you are interested in what SHALOM Denver's disability advocates can do for your loved ones, feel free to reach out to us today. Our disability rights advocates are more than happy to talk over any of the disability services that we proudly provide to the city of Denver.

For more information, contact Lynn Rubenstein, program coordinator, at 303-623-0251 or visit the following links.
Denver Community Resources for Youth with Disabilities is a very helpful resource guide. Please contact our disability rights advocates if you need additional assistance accessing resources for young people with disabilities.
The JDA Online Resource Guide will help you navigate the disabilities services available in your Denver community. Please contact us if you need additional help accessing resources in our community.

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