Supported Employment Services for the Disabled in Denver, CO

The best way to improve at something is to practice. For those in Denver with developmental or intellectual disabilities, practicing skills that make them employable can be a difficult thing to do. Our goal at SHALOM Denver is to provide individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities around the community with unrivaled supported employment opportunities. Our supported employment program allows people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fine-tune their work skills in a protected environment while still being treated like an employee in the workspace.

Quality Supported Employment Opportunities in Denver

Individual and small group employment opportunities are available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our industry enclave teams in Denver-area businesses are designed for up to eight people who are eager to work yet need ongoing support on the job. Participants work under the direction of an onsite SHALOM Denver supervisor while being integrated into the business’s culture and treated as an employee of that company.

Providing Denver With Complete Supported Employment Services

In order to provide our Denver clients with the best possible results, we know that we need to offer a wide variety of quality supported employment services to Denver. Our complete, individualized supported employment services include employment planning, job-skills training, job-search assistance, and job-placement services, all provided by trained employment specialists. Once a job is secured, our job coach can provide long-term support to participants to help make sure that they will be successful moving forward as well.

Professionals Dedicated to Helping Denver

At SHALOM Denver, we work hard to help people living in Denver with developmental and intellectual disabilities live their life to the fullest, and we accomplish that by helping them earn their own money and, in some cases, live independent lives. We want Denver to be the best place it can possibly be, and that means helping the people that make up the community be the best that they can be. The professionals at SHALOM Denver have worked to create valuable supported employment opportunities to do exactly that..

Reach Out to SHALOM Denver Today
If you are interested in any of the supported employment services that we are proud to provide to Denver, feel free to reach out to us today. We are more than happy to talk over any of our services that we provide to Denver with you to help your disabled loved one live their life to the fullest.

For more information, contact Melissa Mascarenas, program manager, at 303-623-0251.

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