Disability Employment Agency: Job Placement & Employment Assistance for People with Disabilities in Denver, CO

SHALOM Denver is so much more than a fulfillment center. In addition to the professional fulfillment services that we've provided to Denver for over 60 years, we are also extremely proud to provide disability job placement services to the people that need them as well. We understand how difficult it is for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to find jobs, and that's why we've made it a top priority of ours to provide to offer disability employment opportunities and function as an agency that helps locate places of employment for people with disabilities.

A Cost-Free Job Placement Resource for Disabled Individuals in Denver

Functioning as a disability employment agency is the primary purpose of SHALOM Denver. Our nonprofit seeks to provide employment for people with disabilities. Whether those people have learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities, SHALOM Denver offers several disability job placement services designed to help them find work. At SHALOM Denver, we provide these job placement services in the form of small group employment teams and individual direct-supported employment services. Both of these tactics help find employment for people with disabilities.

Job Placement for Disabled People in Denver Through Small Group Employment Teams

At SHALOM Denver, a large part of the job placement services that we offer are our small employment teams. We create industry-tailored work teams of up to eight people located within a local business. As with all of our job placement services, team members work under the direction of an on-site SHALOM Denver supervisor/trainer and integrate perfectly into your business’s culture and operations. Work teams have proven to be a sound business decision and company culture enhancement.

Individual Direct-Supported Disability Job Placement Services in Denvery

SHALOM Denver prepares individuals for direct employment by providing valuable job skills training, specific job matching, and ongoing job coaching. This disability employment job placement strategy results in prescreened, viable, and qualified job candidates who will immediately add value and contribute to your Denver business' success. We take pride in providing job placement for disabled people around Denver, and we would be honored to extend our job placement services to anyone that needs them.

Get Started with SHALOM Denver Today!
If you are interested in any of the disability job placement services or job placement strategies that we provide at SHALOM Denver, contact Will Garth, Business Development Manager at 303-623-0251 ext. 223 today. We want everyone who's interested in our job placement program for disabled individuals to learn more about the disability employment services offered by SHALOM Denver.

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