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Friday, February 05, 2016

Laurin, 32, is a vivacious, energetic, and caring young lady. She has Down syndrome, which until recently, limited her ability to work in a meaningful job and live independently.

Laurin came to SHALOM Denver’s prevocational program in August 2010. When she first arrived, she lacked work skills and struggled with maintaining appropriate workplace relationships with her co-workers and supervisors. The SHALOM Denver staff worked with her to improve work habits like returning from breaks on time and how to receive feedback from a supervisor. She has improved her communication skills and speaks much more slowly and deliberately. She is now able to stay on task and has demonstrated strong leadership skills with her co-workers.

After five years in the prevocational program, Laurin was ready for a new challenge and made the move to an enclave environment where she and seven co-workers work onsite at an area business with a SHALOM Denver enclave supervisor. She is now working at Cardinal Health where she cleans and inspects totes that are used to distribute medical supplies to area hospitals. She’s earning a good salary and loves the work. What’s more, she’s working toward her goal of ultimately working in a hospital environment.

Laurin has come a long way and her future couldn’t be brighter. In addition to work skills, she’s learning life skills, including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and budgeting. She’s looking forward to moving out of her parent’s home and into an apartment with a roommate, where she can live more independently.

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