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Customer Spotlight: Cardinal Health

Friday, January 20, 2017

Program Spotlight
SHALOM Denver’s Partnership with Cardinal Health
Providing Mission-Critical Services 

Cardinal Health had a big problem. The large medical supply distribution facility in Centennial was struggling with an ongoing packaging problem. Every day the company was halting production to clean the hundreds of totes they use to distribute medical supplies to area hospitals. They were paying skilled workers high wages to do unskilled tasks. It was inefficient and impacting the company’s bottom line.

The company contracted with SHALOM Denver about a year ago to help them clean the totes. SHALOM Denver provides a team of eight workers with intellectual or developmental disabilities to work at the distribution facility. The “enclave” team is supervised by a SHALOM Denver manager, Zach Johnson, who ensures production goals are met and interfaces with Cardinal Health managers.

Because they distribute sanitary medical supplies, the totes must be carefully cleaned with an antimicrobial solution before they can be repackaged for shipment. With a steady stream of clean totes, the company no longer needs to use disposable plastic liners, which were not only expensive, but had a negative environmental impact since these were thrown away by hospitals.

The SHALOM Denver employees are integrated with Cardinal Health employees and are included in all company activities, including meetings and celebrations. They are part of the organization’s culture.

According to Will Garth, SHALOM Denver’s business development manager, the mission of SHALOM Denver is to improve the quality of life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by giving them meaningful employment and the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to their community.

“I can’t think of a better place than Cardinal Health to help us fulfill that mission,” he says. “This is a company that truly believes in diversity and inclusion, and it is committed to giving back. The company provides a safe, quality workplace for our clients and is focused on continuous quality improvement. It’s the ideal environment for our team of SHALOM Denver workers.”

Cardinal Health is a global provider of healthcare products and services to hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and physician’s offices. The company’s plant in Centennial employs 102 people and provides medical products and pharmaceuticals to hospitals throughout the Denver metro area that enhance supply chain efficiency and ensure that healthcare institutions have the equipment and supplies they need to operate on a daily basis.

Hospitals can order all supplies—from surgical kits to bedpans to IV solution and syringes—from Cardinal Health, which simplifies the ordering process and supply chain logistics.

SHALOM Denver clients with intellectual or developmental disabilities are able to work in a meaningful job and receive at or above minimum wage. They are also getting valuable work skills they can take with them, like learning how to dress for work and managing relationships in the workplace.

SHALOM Denver is solving a real business problem for Cardinal Health. Jeff Rommereim, operations manager for Supply Chain Services at Cardinal Health, works closely with the SHALOM Denver team. “We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with SHALOM Denver,” he says. “These workers are performing a mission-critical function for us and they are doing it exceptionally well. They take great pride in their work. The SHALOM Denver team sets a terrific example for our other employees, who see how well they do and how happy they are doing it. Having the SHALOM Denver team on-site has been a real morale builder for our entire staff.”

Could a SHALOM Denver enclave team be effective at your company? Contact Will Garth, business development manager at SHALOM Denver, to explore a customized solution that will meet your business objectives while creating valuable job training to an underserved population. Will can be reached at 303.623.0251, or at

Photo caption (top): The SHALOM Denver enclave team at Cardinal Health. First row, from left: Tony Lewis, Laurin Gilmour, Debra Duffy, Charlie Comstock, and Zachary Berks, supply chain/operations intern at Cardinal Health. Back row, Zach Johnson, SHALOM Denver enclave supervisor; Eric Baylor; Chris Olsen; Will Garth, business development manager at SHALOM Denver; Shahpoor Yazbanpanah; and Jeff Rommereim, operations manager of supply chain services at Cardinal Health.


Customer Spotlight: Geeks Who Drink

Friday, February 05, 2016

Geeks Who Drink is a Denver-based company that produces pub trivia quizzes modeled after those in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2006 and has steadily grown to now serve more than 600 pubs and bars in 38 states.

When the company was just starting out, the small staff was having a hard time managing the logistics of printing, packaging, and distributing quiz materials to participating bars. They looked for a local printer/fulfillment company that could print posters and answer sheets and ship them to participating pubs across the country.

According to Geeks Who Drink Quizmaster-in-Chief John Dicker, the company couldn’t keep up with the demand and staff wasn’t interested in doing the fulfillment work anyway. “There had to be a better solution,” says John. “That’s when we discovered SHALOM Denver.”

SHALOM Denver has been handling all of the printing and shipping needs for the company since early 2009 and has had no trouble keeping up with the growing company’s demands. “The SHALOM Denver staff is very responsive to our needs,” says John. “SHALOM Denver has become an important partner in our business that has allowed our staff to continue to work remotely, giving us a huge cost savings. The fact that we’re also helping out people with developmental disabilities is an added bonus. Everybody wins.”

SHALOM Denver has been our saving grace on mailings to our clients. SHALOM saves us time and money. We highly recommend them!

Kay Sinclair, Sharkey, Howes & Javer, Inc.

SHALOM Denver provides exceptional service, without fail! The quality of work is unbeatable.

Amanda Zizza, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Denver Branch

We appreciate the individual attention given to our print jobs. We highly recommend SHALOM Denver for their professional service.

Amy Vicioso, president, Zoetic Technologies LLC - Crutcheze

We’re always looking for ways to give back to the communities we serve, and being able to provide meaningful work to people with disabilities is a win-win opportunity.

Dan Murray, Life Marketing and Events

We have been a satisfied customer of SHALOM Denver for more than ten years. We use SHALOM for big annual public information mailing of more than a million pieces. It always goes out the door quickly and smoothly.

Diane DiGiacomo, The Piton Foundation

SHALOM Denver goes the extra mile to address our printing needs while helping an under-served population. It’s a wonderful organization.

Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey, A Little Help

SHALOM Denver has been our saving grace on mailings to our clients. SHALOM saves us time and money. We highly recommend them!

Kay Sinclair, Sharkey, Howes & Javer, Inc.

The hardworking, detail-oriented team at SHALOM Denver is super-efficient and performs their job with joy and enthusiasm.

Lisa Carnahan, Precious Metal Processing